We at Bay View High always say "Yes to Sports"!

Sports is an integral part of life at Bay View High. We encourage all our students to participate in at least one sport, if not more. Over the years the school has excelled in all the main sports played at inter-school level, and our sports facilities at the College Campus are regarded as one of the best in the city.

The Marvelous Achievements By Our Athletes At This Year's Annual Sports

Two records were broken in the field events by powerful and youthful Ahmed Javed Khanani of Cardinal House in the Senior Boys Shot Putt discipline, he smashed the record of Maaz Shaffi (Cardinal) 28’10” created in 2008-2009, by heaving the Putt to a distance of 29’8” and energetic and determined Arooj Alvi of Eminent House leaped to a height of 3’10” in the High Jump Major League Girls discipline, breaking the record of Sara Khamisha (Eminent) 3’8” set way back in 2007-2008.


The track event witnessed 7 records being shattered, Eminent House created 3 new records, 2 records were broken by this year’s Fastest Female Athlete Arooj Alvi in the Major League Girls 200 Meters (35:49 sec) and in the 400 Meters (1min 58:18 sec) she outran Urooba Habib’s  (Paramount) 200 Meters record of (35:56 sec) set in 2008-2009 and 400 Meters (1 min 59:09 sec) set in 2009-2010. Upcoming and Best Athlete Super Senior Girls Madeeha Sajid Siddiqui (38:55 sec) broke the record of Maria Asif Bilwani (Paramount) in the 200 Meters (38:56 sec) set in 2008-2009 by a tenth of a second. 

Cardinal House captured 2 records both by Best Athlete Senior Boys Syed Abdullah Ahmed 100 Meter Senior Boys (13:01 sec) who equaled Paramount’s Danyal Hasan’s record of (13:01 sec) set in 2010-2011 and 200 Meters Senior Boys race (27:36 sec) set by Hussain Saleem Khan of Eminent (27:51 sec) set in 2008-2009. Paramount House improved on 2 records, the Best Athlete Major League Boys and the Fastest Athlete of the Sports Day Abdul Wassay Khan overturned the record in the 200 Meters Major League by finishing in 25:06 sec, smashing the time set in 2010-2011 by Eminent’s Hussain Saleem Khan (26:69 sec) and their awesome athlete Sania Maqbool (1 min 39:23 sec) took more than a second off Arooj Alvi’s 400 Meter Major League Girls record of 1 min 44:59 sec set in 2010-2011. Talented Rushna Qaiser of Cardinal House ran away with the Best Athlete Senior Girls award and Danyal Hasan of Paramount House was awarded the Best Athlete Super Senior Boys title. Eminent House won the Champions Trophy with a total of 342 points.

Sunday 29th January 2012, the final count down for the three houses Paramount, Eminent and Cardinal of Bay View High to clinch the Champions Trophy. After a gap of two years, the College Campus and Middle School once again came together to form three very powerful houses. As the Annual Sports Day  events start a month earlier with the High Jump, Long Jump and Shot Putt practices and selection at the College Campus, the Middle School students and staff got busy with the PE Display rehearsals, decoration and art work, 

Eminent Crowned Champions for the Tenth Time

and their well coordinated management, which are alway appreciated by the College Sports Staff and Administration.

After three days of practices and selection the students started pouring into the National Coaching Centre Stadium, it was a relatively cold morning, and the students looked snug and chic in their house colours, faces painted and house tattoos in place, one could sense the competition had already started, with each house trying to outshine the other, in a sea of colours. The stadium was beautifully decorated as usual, by our very talented and awesome art teacher Samina Tariq, who made sure the stadium was clad in Orange, Purple and Green, the colour of our three houses, Cardinal, Eminent and Paramount all meaning Excellence.


After a recitation and translation from the Holy Quran, the athletes marched in smartly to sing the National Anthem, the Olympic Oath was taken by last years Champion athletes Furqan Farooqui of the Cardinal House, Arooj Alvi of Eminent House, Sania Maqbool and Wassay Khan of Paramount House on behalf of all the athletes present at sports day. Our Principal Mrs.Karen Ahmed opened the games and dedicated the Annual Sports Meet to our student Mustafa Ghumro and our sports teacher Xavier Anthony who so tragically left us for their heavenly abode last year, and remembered all our sports stars, who have served us in all fields of the game. Our College Campus Vice Principal Mr. Nadeem Islam giving his acknowledgment speech thanking each and everyone, for their contribution in making this event possible, and the parents for their honoured presence. 


Two very special people who worked and coordinated in the background, and gave us all the support possible were Middle School Vice Principal Mrs. Aine Arfin and Administrative Coordinator Mrs. Sayeda Rezvi. The entire audience was entertained with a fabulous and fantastic PE Display performance, by the students of the Middle School choreographed by Jade Nazareth, to the Party Rock Anthem, Danza Kuduro and The Time medley, this display was enjoyed by each and everyone.




The Track events started off with the 75 Meter Flat Race for Boys of Class VI. There were a total of 43 events for the students from Class VI to A Level Second Year. The points table twisted and turned as each event took place, tension building everywhere, the outcome was kept secret, but the students made their wild guesses, and never gave up hope right up to the last event. One could hear the messages and results on the P.A. system, by two amazing announcers Sumera Malik and Tehmina Shahab, who kept the event alive with their witty and good humoured comments, among the din of cheering and encouragement from the participants. Keeping pace with the event points table were two very efficient scorers, Farhat Shakeel and Patrick D’Souza, who were very patient with us all day, and did a marvelous job. The flat races witnessed a lot of new records broken and created all day, and the ever so popular shuttle relays were a treat to watch. The Tug-of-War event, introduced for the first time on the demand of the students, ended Sports Day, after the Parents and Siblings got their share of the excitement with their races.


By the end, when it was so difficult, to even hear yourself think, with chanting and cheering from all the houses, Our Principal read out the final points,

Paramount House with 260 points stood third, in second place with 288 points was Cardinal House, BANG! Eminent House with 342 point went wild, there were scenes of hugging, tears of joy and defeat, and high fives everywhere, 

Eminent had won the Champions Trophy for a record tenth time. One must not forget the Support Staff, Administration Staff, Teaching Staff, Accounts Staff, Computer Staff,  House Captains, Prefects and all the very dedicated Sports Staff from all our Four Campuses, for their cooperation and hard work, in making this event such a huge success, Thank You All and Congratulations to the Eminent House.