Welcome to BAY VIEW HIGH SENIOR SCHOOL.  This is the campus where students from BAY VIEW JUNIOR SCHOOL come to join the MIDDLE SCHOOL in Class VI and go on to do their O-LEVELS. At the MIDDLE SCHOOL our boys and girls find their way out of childhood and enter young adulthood, as mindful, responsible and empathetic individuals. 

We provide them every opportunity, in the scaffolding of a safe environment, to think, to grow, to develop intellectually, socially and emotionally. To be children one day and to be young adults the next.


As they enter high school in Grade X they are challenged and stretched in many ways to help them settle into their new roles of confident young adults, who are able to make informed choices and defining decisions.

Life on the O-Level Campus is always busy and active. Apart from the rigorous academic program, students have ample and diverse opportunities for personal development. We have a dynamic sports presence in Karachi in which our soccer, cricket, throw ball and rowing teams have done and continue to do us proud! Boys and girls from BAY VIEW HIGH are delegates at most prestigious Model United Nations all over Pakistan, competing against the best and older representatives from other top schools and colleges and winning laurels as “Best delegates” and ‘Honourable mentions’

We have a robust academic standing as our students are taught by teachers who are skilled, committed and specialist in their field. While we encourage learning for the sake of learning, our students’ results have consistently been excellent and they have also received the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards for Karachi, Pakistan and worldwide. On the other hand we are also very proud of those BAY VIEW HIGH students who are academically challenged and yet pass with respectable grades.


Our goal is to provide each student a successful schooling experience academically and personally. We guide them to appreciate and preserve what is best of the past and encourage them to invent the future boldly and fearlessly.



Boys and Girls go forward and live your life believing in yourself just as we believe in you and have a positive impact on every life you touch!


Best wishes


Aine Arfin