All the students eagerly awaited to reach Dar-Ul-Sukun. We were very nervous but had been looking forward to this trip for a very long time. The Ever Lasting Spirit Club arranged this trip for us. The members of the club had arranged goodie bags for the special people comprised of candies, biscuits and chocolates wrapped inside with colourful gift papers.


Dar-ul-Sukun is the home for the mentally and physically despaired children and adults. On our arrival at the building, we became even more anxious but all these feelings turned into sadness as we entered the building. When we crossed the entrance, we first went into the garden. Our hearts melted when we met those special people. We could not control our emotions and tears trickled down everyone’s face. Reality struck us, we were speechless. Some of us were hiding our tears, while others were hugging each other for consolation. Everyone cried because we realized that all our life we have been complaining about the useless meaningless luxuries that don’t possess and forget about those that we have been blessed with. We realized how absolutely ungrateful we have been that we do not thank Allah for giving us two hands, pair of eyes and feet and also giving us the ability to differentiate between right and wrong.

I was taken aback by listening to the gloomy true stories of some of them. Listening to how they were dumped on the footsteps of the building by their own parents is very heartbreaking. It was completely impossible to imagine how parents can do that, but in the end the bitter truth was that all those circumstances were true, no matter how much one wished that they weren’t.



We played with the children over there and gave them the gifts, and fed those biscuits, chocolates and juices we had brought for them which made them extremely happy. I will never be able to forget one very adorable baby with whom I played. I loved how his sad face lit up with happiness when I tickled him and played with his teddy bear. Honestly, that was the best feeling ever and putting those feelings into words is very difficult. I cannot forget how happy he was and also how ecstatic I was to see his eyes lit up with joy and happiness.


It was an honour to have had this opportunity to meet these special people, to listen and see and even try to understand their pain and sorrow. These special people helped us to ponder upon the real important issues in life and to be thankful to Allah for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us and for giving us the things in life that those special people are deprived of.


After this eye opening event, I thank my Allah in every breath I take.


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Community Service

Everlasting Spirit

Formed in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of October 2005 by the students of

Bay View High School,

The Everlasting Spirit Community Service Society

helped rebuild two medical units of Marie Adelaide Leprosy Center in Kashmir. That was in 2006! Since then we have continued to provide financial assistance to run these medical units known as Bay View College – MALC Hospitals. In the five years of our association with MALC, the students of Bay View, through various fund raising events, have generated and donated Rs. 7.5 Million. This amount includes cash donations and specialized medical instruments needed for the treatment of eye diseases. During the summer, the students also do internships at the MALC Hospital in Karachi. In 2010 we sponsored a 10 bedded female ward at the hospital in Karachi, and on 30th April 2012 we donated another 1.5 million raised from our Bi-Annual Carnival in February, bringing the graced total donated to 9.0 million rupees.

In addition to MALC, in 2008 and 2009, the Everlasting Spirit has also provided Rs. 200,000 worth of medical supplies to Bela District Hospital, Balochistan. Also in 2008-9, after the Pakistan Army action against the Taliban strongholds in the Swat Valley of Pakistan, the Everlasting Spirit helped the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Food rations, medicines, clothes and tents worth Rs. 300,000 were donated towards the cause. All this has been achieved through the generous support of students, teachers, parents and friends of Everlasting Spirit. Perhaps the most important factor in this achievement is the commitment and enthusiasm of our students, who, with very limited means, 

but with phenomenal energy have worked tirelessly whenever they have been called upon. We can truly sayTitle that we are very proud of our students!


The summer of 2010 will be remembered for the massive floods that ravaged vast regions of Pakistan. Everlasting Spirit played a very active role in the relief efforts. From the initial response of sending food rations, tents, medicines and other relief goods to a village near Rahim Yar Khan in South Punjab, Everlasting Spirit focused on efforts in Sindh. As a first step, Pakistan Navy was contacted for logistical support to help in the delivery of goods and services. A relief camp called "Ali-abad" was selected and two trucks of relief goods were delivered. This time, the students also went and distributed the items directly to the most affected. A similar visit was made to another camp (Al-Har) near Badin, where again students distributed the goods. The collaboration with Pakistan Navy took a new dimension when Bay View High School (Everlasting Spirit) decided to sponsor a 5 room school at the Ali-abad village which the Navy has rebuilt. The students went back to the camp and even helped paint the school building. In total, Everlasting Spirit donated Rs. 1.5 Million towards the flood relief effort.


Of great significance this time was the support our efforts got from friends of Everlasting Spirit living abroad. We received donations from Scotland, England, USA, UAE and Sultanate of Oman, lending Everlasting Spirit even greater credibility and recognition. In March 2011 we raised an additional Rs. 80,000 from our highly successful Drama Evening and in February 2012 our Carnival raised 1.5 million.

Therefore, since its inception in 2006,

Rs. 9 Million have been raised and donated to people who have needed help, justifying our pride in Everlasting Spirit!!

EarthQuake Victims 2013

The Earth Quake disaster has deeply affected the entire Nation. Our Everlasting Sprit has contributed Three Hundred Thousand worth of tents, blankets, food supply for the Earth Quake survivors send to Awaran 29th September. We are deeply grateful to the Bay View Student Community for their compassion in donating One Hundred and Three Thousand within the past one week. 


We strongly request our students, their parents, faculty and any other member of the global community to donate towards this cause. To make a contribution, please contact us at +922135219954-55

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Fundraising Achievements

Fund-raising is an all-year-round activity at Bay View. Bay View College believes that charitable work is a central part of a child's educational experience. Bay View College students gain condidence, social values, and skills which will they will keep with them for the rest of their lives. Fund-raising proceeds usually (though not exclusively) go through the School's Everlasting Spirit initiative towards relief institutions, flood relief, and deprived peoples and areas throughout Pakistan. The largest annual fund-raising events are noted below:


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