“The people you will be meeting are deprived of love,” stated Sir Leslie, as the green bus rolled to a halt outside the pink gates of DarulSukoon.

















“R-I-D-A”, I stated in a soft voice. The girl smiled. I asked her what her name was, however, she refused to reply and vigorously shook her head.

Spotting the sadness reflecting in her eyes I held her small, bony palm. I was overwhelmed with emotions, and the tears that I had been trying to suppress began flowing down my face. It was bewildering, how despite all the little girl’s flaws, she was beautiful. Her smile grew, pressing her hollow cheeks up, revealing her teeth. Her hunched shoulders and bony stature reflected upon all the hardships she had endured. As I stared at her, I realized I was staring at an angel. She was grateful for all she had and emitted peaceful vibes. I felt safe in her company and forgot about my fellow class-mates.

“Come on Rida! Let’s go!” exclaimed my friend as she tugged at my shirt. I wiped away the salty tears, welled up in my eyes and kissed the girl on her soft, sun-kissed cheeks. Her fingers clutched my hand as I got up but I shook them away. It broke my heart walking away from her, but I had no other choice. The girl had an enigmatic personality. As I looked across my shoulder for the last time, I saw her looking at me with a faint smile on her face. My heart brimmed with joy knowing that I was able to make the young girl feel loved, and was as pleased as a punch.

While boarding the hot bus, in which we were packed like sardines, I thought about how thankful and happy the people were despite their deformities and abnormalities. I felt a pang of guilt in my chest as I thought about all those times where I had considered myself to be unlucky. It is truly a blessing to be born a healthy human being, and a gift not many have. After visiting DarulSukoon I understood that it is a privilege to be normal and healthy and we must consistently thank God for all the blessings He has showered upon us.


Life as a tenth grader


As we enter into the life of a tenth grader, the students of Bay View High School are presented with countless opportunities to nurture their inner talents in order to transform from a curious caterpillar into a butterfly. Tenth grade opens up various avenues for a student in order to explore the vast domain of the real world. 

The students were taken to charitable events as well as recreational sites. This helped us to keep our feet on the ground and taught us to let our hair down while having fun. As we emerged as one of the senior classes, my fellow peers and I were required to step out of our comfort zone and become independent individuals in order to set examples for our juniors. The year was rather eventful and the students of tenth grade were usually engaged in various, amusing activities. However, in the end of the long journey it was not all about fun and games. The time had come when we had to appear for the much awaited Cambridge International Examinations. These infamous examinations had been haunting us for the past year. They were the culmination of all our hard work and effort. 

Grade ten has truly been an insightful, interesting and delightful experience! Our teachers were able to guide us through the ups and downs of the journey, and truly we owe it all to them for making this year memorable. I am glad that i was apart of the tenth grade family, as through the year we have grown closer to one another, and I shall be able to cherish these memories forever! 

"Deprived of love’ the word echoed in my mind. Love is an extremely strong emotion I whispered to my friend as the vehicle halted. Exhaling, I ran out of the humid bus, and followed my teacher into the newly painted, polished building. We were instructed to enter the beautiful garden, adorned with daisies. The blades of grass swayed as the gentle breeze blew across the area. There were colourful benches, and on the far end, there were large black speakers. Lively, feet tapping music filled the air and there was a continuous clamour. The ground was filled with people of different ages; small girls with deformities sat on the rainbow coloured benches while others casually walked on the loose soil. Nervous, and somewhat afraid I approached a small girl sitting in the corner with the crimson bricked wall as her support. She wore a blue shirt, and her hair hung loose over her shoulders. She smiled, when she saw me, and stretched out her hand pointing towards the chocolate biscuits which I had kept in a transparent bag. I crouched, gently handling her one, and felt as though my whole world had lift up as her small eyes glistened once I handed her the shiny packets of treats. I watched her savour the flavours and my lips curved into a smile. In a gentle voice she asked me what my name was.